Facilities Management

User Interface and Experience design for an app built to report campus facility repairs, issues and complaints.

Project Type

App Design

Design Process

Software Used

Adobe Illustrator



Design Challenge

January 2020

1 week



This project was to improve the upkeep of campus facilities by creating a new system for reporting any facilities that may need maintenance or repair. For this, I designed an experience that allows students to report building or equipment issues on campus with an app. This consisted of not only designing the aesthetic and user flows of the app, but also considering the process of those filing the report and of those receiving and taking action on the issues.

The app targets students, staff, faculty and others associated with the school, and helps them report facility repairs or maintenance issues. The app collects the user’s school credentials, type of issue, and location of the issue, before submitting a repair request to facility management. The information flow was thought out by keeping in mind the internal functioning of a facilities management department. The main ideas behind the design were to make the application more accessible to all age groups, visually bold but appropriate and having a simpler interface using current technology trends.

This application was designed and prototyped using Figma. Throughout my design process, I wanted to create an experience that is quick and efficient for both the user and the maintenance department. I hope that by minimizing the amount of information on the screen, the design is clean and draws attention to the actual process of filing complaints. Since this application serves as a sub-part of a school mobile app, I hope it is visible and accessible for students and other affiliated personnel. Using the breakdown of information, I hope to make the assignment of facility repairs easier for the department.


User Research


Based on personal interviews 

Problems and Solutions:

Issues in the existing software and user pain points

SWOT Analysis:

Existing products and comparison



Dividing the app processes and functionality

Thinking about the back-end processes for a facilities management department


Wireframes and User flows


User Flows:


Hi-fi Mockups


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