Wearable Technology and Video Editing

Project Type

Wearable Tech


Design and Development

Software Used

Tinker CAD

3D Printing

Electronic Components


January 2020


What is this project?

This project is a light-up charm bracelet made using LEDs as the main attraction. One of the motives behind making this wearable was to create a product which would help pedestrians or bikers illuminate their path in dark areas. This bracelet is a simple representation of wearable technology and how circuits can be used in conjunction with jewelry.

How does it work?

The circuit is housed around a fabric, braided bracelet with a metal hook and rings. 3-D printed charms act as diffusers for the LED lights and are spread out around the bracelet, to resemble a charm bracelet. The LED’s are connected to each other and to the battery using wires which will be woven through the bracelet and connected to both ends of the bracelet clasp. When the bracelet is worn and the clasp is closed, the circuit becomes closed and the charms light up due to the LEDs inside.

Initial Designs and Code

Product Sketches

Materials Used

  • Nylon string braided into the bracelet body

  • Metal lobster hook and ring

  • Conductive thread

  • LED lights - 4

  • Coin battery - 1

  • 3D-printed Coin battery holder - 1

  • 3D-printed light charms - 4

Final Designs

Circuit Sketches and Prototype


Final Product Highlights


Final Product Showcase

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