Marine Plastic Pollution

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Visual Design

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Motion Design

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February 2019

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This project is an animated infographic made using After Effects, about a sub-topic of sustainability. A sustainable future is not only beneficial for humans, but also marine life. Due to various instances of sea pollution over time, human existence is causing a threat to the marine habitat. One of the biggest threats is plastic pollution.


My overall message highlights that marine animals are dying and their number will continue to reduce if we do not bring change to our current lifestyles. The video conveys that everyone needs to do their part and be aware of how much damage they are doing to the planet, if they ignore plastic waste.

My project is based on the effects of this pollution on sea life. My goal is to point out the dangerous amounts of pollution in the ocean right now and then explain how we can be more careful and sustainable. I want to be able to inspire people to save our existing wildlife as well as create a more sustainable environment for the future generations of humans and animals.



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Final Project

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