A Tribute to Stan Lee

Kinetic Type and Motion Design

Project Type

Visual Design

Kinetic Type

Motion Design

Software Used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects


February 2019


This project was about creating a motion typographic about a designer or artist, through words and only one color. I chose to create a project about Stan Lee. My goal throughout this project was to depict what he was in terms of his profession as well as in the eyes of the Marvel audience. I wanted to highlight some of his greatest achievements in Marvel history, such as his most famous characters, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Thor.


The goal of my project was to showcase Stan Lee’s work as much as I can throughout the video. For this, I used symbolism to represent each category. For example, a crossword style layout for the word ‘writer’ since writers deal with words on a daily basis. Another symbolic representation was red correction marks for the word ‘editor.’

With the recent passing of Marvel’s legend, I thought that creating a video as a tribute to Stan Lee would be appropriate. Being a Marvel fan myself, I am in awe of all the characters he created in his comics and later in his movies. I wanted to bring out the key qualities of some of Marvel’s beloved characters. I also wanted to make the video a little playful and humorous since Stan Lee’s personality was very enthusiastic and witty. I wanted to incorporate his energy into my project and the message that Marvel starts and ends with the comic legend, Stan Lee.


Mind Map



Deciding a frame-by-frame timeline and layout of my motion graphic



A detailed brainstorm of my aesthetic and frame layout


Final Project

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