UC Davis Picnic Day

As the Graphics Assistant Director in UC Davis Picnic Day team, I designed graphics to advertise and promote Picnic Day. I made graphics which include flyers, posters, filters for social media, and apparel. 

Picnic Day Main Poster

This is the main event poster for Picnic Day, UC Davis' biggest event of each year.  The poster captures major attractions of Davis like farms, cows, bikes, etc. It reflects the theme "Adventure Awaits." 


Scavenger Hunt

Each Picnic Day features its own set of activities for attendees. One of the biggest activities includes the Picnic Day Scavenger Hunt. There were a total of 35 posters created for each location of the Scavenger Hunt.


Snapchat Filters

Picnic Day-themed Snapchat filter for the attendees to enjoy and flaunt. The filters were made to mimic the official Picnic Day logo along with a part of Davis, a cow. The filter was designed in three different colors: yellow, orange and light blue.


Picnic Day Merch

I got a chance to design the official Picnic Day merchandise including t-shirts. The t-shirts are both Picnic Day-themed and encompass smart puns to appeal to the students and the local community.


Volunteer Flyers

My job was to make an infographic flyer and email graphic for print and digital use, for the recruitment of volunteers for Picnic Day. The two flyer designs reflect the Picnic Day theme i.e. cows, farms. 


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