TopShot - Laser Tag

Wearable Technology and Video Editing

Project Type

Wearable Tech


Design and Development

Software Used

Tinker CAD

3D Printing


Adafruit Circuit Playground

Electronic Components


February - March 2020

(4 weeks)


What is this project?

This project is wearable laser tag, which is played using a light beam shooter mounted on the player's wrist and a vest with a light sensor. The project uses a variety of materials like fabric, 3-D printed material and electric devices like circuit boards, sensors and batteries. This project acts like an intersection between technology, fashion and gaming entertainment, to create a user-friendly, wearable technology product. 

How is it different from usual laser tag?

Instead of using a gun like the original laser tag, the project uses a wearable targeting device which gets your whole body involved. The shooting device uses a green light flashlight, which is safer to use than lasers, but keeps the same sci-fi effect of laser tag. Since green light is a non-natural colored light beam, it rules out interference with natural and common artificial light sources. The project also includes an adjustable vest, which holds an Adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit and a 3.7V battery with a JST connector. The vest was made adjustable using velcro straps, which makes the wearable device more inclusive of all body types. It is also more accessible for people with a lower body weight, since the vest is not as heavy as usual laser tag bodysuits.

How do you play?

The game is played similar to any usual laser tag game. Each person starts off with 10 lives and the game goes on with players shooting each other, until one player loses all of their lives. The wrist band consists of a focusing flashlight connected to a button, which when pressed shoots a light beam. When this shot light beam is detected by the Circuit Playground on the vest, the CP beeps, glows red, plays a tone and shows how many lives the player has left. The CP also sends a bluetooth message to the player’s phone saying that they lost a life and how many lives they have left. When any player loses all of their lives, a bluetooth message is sent to their phones saying they lost and the CP plays a losing sound.

Initial Designs

Product Sketches

Circuit Sketches


Initial Code Wireframes

This code 



this device

Materials Used

  • Adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit - 2

  • 3D-printed CP cases - 2

  • Wrist Braces - 2

  • Green-light flashlight - 2

  • 3D-printed flashlight caps - 2

  • 3.7V battery with JST connector - 2

  • Arduino color detector program

  • Fabric shooting switch - 2

  • Conductive Thread

  • Conductive Tape

  • Velcro

  • Black Fabric (t-shirt fabric)

  • Plain sewing thread

  • Hot Glue

Final Designs and Code

Product Designs




Final Product Highlights


Final Product Showcase

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